Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tyler Schmitt OK for '09?

by: Mike Parker

That's the word from Danny O'Neil today, at least.

It seems last year's late-round draft pick, Tyler Schmitt, is rehabbing his injured back in Arizona, and all expectations point to him being ready to play in the 2009 NFL football season.

But don't read too much into this -- the Seahawks still haven't ruled out bringing in a veteran long snapper in case Schmitt's back doesn't make it up to par, hence the team's interest in Mike Leach and Bryan Pittman. Even so, this news could explain why no LS signings have been announced. Ruskell has plenty of time to make the call on this.

As it stands now, O'Neil reports that Schmitt is gearing up to participate in the off-season's OTAs later this month. Schmitt's ability to perform in those might give the team a good look at what they can expect from him in the coming months. -END-