Thursday, March 5, 2009

Willis Spent Wednesday in Washington

by: Michael Steffes

Unfortunately, not the state of Washington, but Washington D.C. According to the Washington Times, Ray Willis was the first free agent to actually visit the Redskins this year. They have done plenty of business over the phone, however. The Skins are looking at Willis as a longterm replacement for vet John Jansen. The question is probably how much dough they have left to offer.

If you are the Seahawks, you probably view Willis one of two ways. The first is that he played pretty well last year and it makes little sense to give up a guy you spent years developing into a starting caliber player. The second view is that there are two starting quality tackles already on the team, and a fourth overall pick that could safely be used on a top tackle who would instantly make starter money. If this is the plan, Willis is probably as good as gone. However, if Willis comes back, then it becomes improbable the team would look to add a fourth tackle -- at least, not that early in the draft.

At this point, the Hawks seem to have other priorities, so if the Skins really want Willis, expect to see him blocking for Zorn's crew next year. END