Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chiefs Release JP Darche

by: Mike Parker

With now-former Seahawk Bobby Engram signing with the Chiefs just days ago, a former Seahawk has just been released by the same team: J.P. Darche.

Given the Seahawks' possible need of some help of long snapper due to the uncertain status of Tyler Schmitt, (and Jeff Robinson highly unlikely to come out of retirement twice), Darche might be a candidate for the job. The problem, though, is health - Darche is coming off ACL surgery, and is reportedly about a month away from being 100 percent. He's also 34, but age isn't a huge concern with players of his position.

So, do the Seahawks consider bringing Darche back in for a workout? He was great for the locker room in the team's Super Bowl run, and provided steady and consistent snapping skills during that year. If he can stay healthy, he'd be worth a look. -END-