Saturday, March 14, 2009

Aaron Curry: No Sure Thing

by: Michael Steffes

Many of the Hawks fans around the web seem to be linking the Peterson/Redding deal to the Hawks drafting Aaron Curry. I am not sure this is the case.

The Hawks will obviously now have the option of taking Curry if he falls, but I am not sure that they see him as their primary target. If there is one position Ruskell has scouted and drafted well it has been linebacker. This is supposed to be a deep class. Not to mention that the team still has Herring, whom they drafted two years ago. Clearly, the team feels that to make the best use of Leroy Hill he needs to be rushing the passer more. I agree. That was not going to happen with Peterson in town.

I think the Hawks probably would prefer not to take Curry with the #4 pick. That would immediately revive the problem of putting too much money into one position. Signing Derrick Brooks to a modest deal to help bridge the gap to Herring or another draft pick is a possibility. The team will probably re-sign DD Lewis ASAP to ensure that they can make due in case the draft doesn't shake out the way they want. They will then hope to find a good linebacker in the middle rounds. They didn't take one last year, so they may have been planning this move over a year in advance.

One thing is for sure now, the team has five DTs who can play, so expect them to ignore that position until maybe the 7th. Redding will surprise many now that he is paired with Mebane. He is the perfect 3-tech to play along side big Brandon. The team can now focus their efforts on the offensive line during the draft, which is long overdue. I expect that the line play on this team will be dramatically improved on both sides of the ball next year, making the Seahawks a championship caliber team. END