Thursday, March 26, 2009

McShay Plays the "What If" Game

by: Mike Parker

In this video, ESPN's Todd McShay plays the "what if" game and asks the question: What if the Lions pass on Matt Stafford? Who would the Lions then take, and where would Stafford fall to?

McShay makes a good case for Stafford falling to -- yes, you guessed it -- No.4 overall.

And he's right -- the Seahawks don't need a quarterback now. A healthy Matt Hasselbeck with a bolstered (and also healthy?) receiving corps would do wonders for Seattle's offense, despite the increasingly likelihood of the team favoring a ground attack in 2009.

McShay says that because Stafford is going to be chosen early on, the natural expectation is that he'll be playing right away. Being chosen by the Seahawks would mean he'd be groomed by Hasselbeck for a year and have extra time to develop. McShay says it would be a great situation for Stafford, and the more I think about it, the more I'd have to agree. Hasselbeck is one of the smartest QBs in the game, and would make an excellent mentor.

Because the Seahawks have no overwhelming needs at any one position, it would make sense for Ruskell to look at the future with the No.4-overall pick. Taking an "impact playmaker" on offense that we've heard so much about could be a priority in the second or third round, (Chris Wells, anyone?) and Stafford could serve as a solid building block for a post-Hasselbeck era.

Say you're in Ruskell's shoes on draft day. Jason Smith, Aaron Curry and Michael Crabtree are gone, and Stafford is still on the board. Would you be able to sleep that night if you pass on him? And if you pass on him, who do you take? -END-