Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jason Brown, Alex Smith

By Chris Sullivan

Thanks to Tim for the heads up on this one. Pro Football Talk is reporting that the NFL has put the kibosh on Jason Brown's five year, $37.5 million dollar deal. This won't really matter in regards to signing him, but this may force the Rams to take bigger cap hits than they were willing to. The final year of the contract had a buyback provision that would have led to him getting something like a $3.5 million pay increase (the way the NFL looks at it). That isn't allowed under the CBA, where the maximum pay increase from year one to any year in your contract is 30%.

In other news, Alex Smith has signed a new deal with the San Fransisco 49-offensive-coordinat-ers. Terms haven't been released, but he will remain under contract for two more years with the Niners. This will certainly free up a decent amount of space this year for the 49ers, who were due to pay Smith something in the neighborhood of $9 million in 2009.