Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lazor Attends Pro Day

by: Chris Sullivan

Bill Lazor was one of five QB coaches in attendance at the Kansas State University pro day to watch Josh Freeman. Freeman is the 6'6" (almost) 252 lbs quarterback with pretty good numbers. Scouts love him because he's a decent QB from a small school and they love to be the one to first predict a Cutler or Flacco.

It's good to see Lazor is looking at QBs. The Hawks should show interest in pretty much all of the quarterbacks -- one would presume that they were one of the 25 teams in attendance for Pat White's pro day last week too, but I haven't heard anything that directly verifies that. Freeman performed well and had a decent combine, but he seems destined to Jason Campbell-hood and thats not something I'm interested in. Honestly, I don't like any of the top QBs in this draft -- Sanchez is a no-go, Stafford didn't win or wow anyone in a pro-style UGA offense, Pat White is a wildcat QB/WR, and Freeman is a gigantic career backup (who will likely end up starting) from what I can tell.

I wouldn't mind grabbing Mike Reilly from CWU in the 6th or so, but I don't really hold too much hope for that move or, if it did happen, any long-term solution being found there. He's fast, decent-sized (6'3", 212) and he seems to be a bit like Hasselbeck, at least personality-wise. When asked at the Combine how it felt to be a Division II QB at the Combine, he said "Hey, I think I'm the best quarterback in this year's draft." Charming and cocky, just like Mr. Big-head-out-of-college Hasselbeck. Could Matt tame Mike like Trent did Matt?