Monday, March 16, 2009

Hugh Millen Talks Peterson Trade

by: Michael Steffes

Were you looking for an "expert" opinion on the trade the Seahawks made over the weekend? Well, KJR has obliged. Softy had Hugh Millen on this morning to give his analysis of the trade, (warning: audio link). Without going into too much detail on Cory Redding, he breaks down the trade from the Julian Peterson perspective.

Millen suggests that Peterson had become a two down linebacker and has become a poor performer in zone defense. He cites the Cowboys game as an excellent example. "There were multiple games were Peterson graded out the worst on the Seahawks' 30th ranked defense last year."

Millen says the Hawks were able to "sell their truck while it was still running," which I would say is the mark of a smart front office. They did the same thing with Darrell Jackson.

As for Redding, Millen thinks there is a chance the Hawks could use him at End on rushing downs. He calls him "a poor man's Warren Sapp." He also notes that he believes Redding's contact is being overstated and he is making something close to $2 million per year right now. That is a big financial consideration for the Hawks.

In the end, Softy has Millen address the rumor that the Hawks would be interested in Jay Cutler. The rumor, as Softy has it, is that the trade would be for Hasselbeck and a swap of 1st rounders. Millen doesn't think there is much to the rumor, but expect it to pick up steam as this saga moves forward.

Anyway, give a listen if you want. It's top notch stuff if you are a Millen fan. END