Thursday, March 5, 2009

Houshamazode Pre-Order Today!

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a heads up that the Seattle Team Store (our official merchandise partner) has pre-ordering available for your brand new TJ Houshmandzadeh jersey. You know you want it. Housh has selected #18 for your to strut your stuff in. It's worth noting, that from what I can tell, is the only place that you can get a Houshmandzadeh jersey -- on the NFL Proshop Site they limit the number of characters you can have on a shirt, so unless you want a #18 HOUSHMANDZADE jersey, you're out of luck there.

Plus, any time you make a purchase through you're supporting Seahawk Addicts directly, paying for all the little things that keep the site going and for all the things we're hoping to add in the future. Just click the linked ad at the left, or follow this link here to pre-order your Houshmandzadeh jersey (or buy anything else). I ordered mine about an hour ago -- jealous? The Jerseys are expected to be in and shipping around March 13 (that's next friday), so you could get them as early as Monday the 16th. All your homies are gonna be so jealous! ~END~