Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stafford Aces Wonderlic

by: Michael Steffes

As happens yearly, despite efforts to prevent it, the Wonderlic scores from the combine are leaking out. Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune has the scoop right here. Guess who had the highest score?

Yup, Matthew Stafford. Pretty impressive, although QBs do tend to produce high scores. Still think he isn't on the Hawks radar? Remember that last year, the Seahawks drafted the player scoring higher than the rest of the crowd in John Carlson. There were definitely other factors in that choice, but this team values intelligence to be sure. Stafford scored a 38, two points less than Carlson did last year.

If Stafford falls to pick four, it will be the most interesting ten minutes of draft in Ruskell's history with the team. He will likely be getting lucrative trade offers, but will have to weigh them against taking a franchise QB he clearly likes. I can't wait to see what happens.

Michael Crabtree, also a possibility at #4, did not score well on the test. If you have seen him give an interview this isn't too surprising. Teams would like to see at least an 18 for wide receivers, and Crabtree scored 15. However, that probably won't hurt him too much. All of the tackles had acceptable scores. Another possibility for the Hawks, Louis Delmas, who many say will be the first safety taken, failed to impress -- he scored a 12.

Make of all this what you will; some call it a meaningless test. If you ask me though, I doubt Tim Ruskell views it that way. END