Monday, March 16, 2009

Clare Farnsworth: One of the Good Guys

by: Michael Steffes

The Seattle P-I's last day in print will be tomorrow. They have committed to keeping an online presence, but it appears as if Clare Farnsworth, their Seahawks beat writer is not in those plans. That is very unfortunate.

I wanted to take a minute and thank Clare for his years of fantastic work covering the team. Clare has been a fixture in Seahawks coverage as long as I have been following the team, and his work has been second to none. This is a sad day. Clare always answered my emails, never acting as if it was a nuisance. I respect his work very much. I listened to him every Thursday on Seahawks Round Table for years, which hopefully he may continue doing. He had a refreshing and unique voice on the Seahawks. Clare is one of the best, and an unfortunate casualty of the constricting newspaper business. I wanted to, with all the respect in the world, wish him well in whatever awaits him next. Thanks Clare, you are one of the best. -MS

(Gonzo here, chiming in)
I felt I needed to add to this because I share a lot of condolences with Clare, even though he seems to be taking this news extremely well. A little under a year ago, I got similar news that my days at the Seattle Times were coming to an untimely end, and the mixed bag of emotions was something I also carried around for quite a while. Journalism is changing; print mediums are dying out and online news is slowly taking over. But however journalism emerges out of this transition, people like Clare Farnsworth are just too damn good not to have a role in it somewhere. Here's to you, Clare, and here's to hoping we'll be reading your byline wherever the journey takes you. -MP