Monday, March 16, 2009

Eagles Out of Weaver Sweepstakes

by: Michael Steffes

That is, if you can even consider it a sweepstakes at this point. The Eagles appear to have moved on from their interest in FB Leonard Weaver. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, "there were indications yesterday that that Weaver will be playing somewhere other than Philadelphia next year."

This is probably another indication that Leonard and his Agent are sticking to their guns, seeking a contract that just isn't out there for a fullback with good hands. The Eagles, in the past, have been notorious for not moving off of their value for a player. Just ask Brian Dawkins.

Anyway, it would appear to be down to the Bucs and Hawks. The Bucs have a ton of cap space, but haven't shown much interest in spending it since Albert Haynesworth chose the Skins. The article mentions the Hawks freed up $6.5 million in cap space over the weekend, but that is most likely factually incorrect. The Hawks freed up $4.6 million by trading Julian Peterson, but some of that evaporated in Cory Redding's 2009 salary. Still, some of that extra space could be used on Weaver.

It may not matter. The Hawks have had an offer on the table for quite some time, and it is Weaver who made need to adjust his current thinking. The question will be whether or not he will feel comfortable coming back to Seattle after going public with his disappointment in how much they have offered him. It sounds as if the matter should be resolved soon.

At this point, I am fairly ambivalent as to whether or not Weaver comes back, although i know there are many of you who feel strongly about bringing him back. We will continue to wait and see what happens. END