Monday, March 23, 2009

No Cause for Alarm on Redding's Knee

by: Mike Parker

The acquisition of Cory Redding, it seems, was not without its question marks.

During talks, the Seahawks were concerned with the big man's health. He had been injured for most of the 2008 season, which was probably to his merit, as he therefore had little effect on the Lions' miserable pass rush and defense that allowed something like 12,000 points in four games. But an injury is an injury, and the Seahawks wanted to be absolutely certain of what they were getting into before parting ways with Julian Peterson.

Fortunately, as Mike Sando has reported from the NFL meetings in Dana Point, Calif., routine tests on Redding's tendon-related knee issue brought up no major concerns. The team is optimistic about what Redding brings to the table, and will likely hold him out of opening minicamp workouts as a precaution.

Redding's ability to move to the outside and get to the QB and also plug up the run should make him a valued force next year. -END-