Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mini-Data Party

by: Chris Sullivan

Follows is a list of the quarterbacks that Ruskell has drafted and the corresponding Wonderlic score for each QB. The two QBs picked in 1992 did not have readily available Wonderlic scores, so alas, they are not listed here.

QB Round Wonderlic
Matt Schaub 3 31
Shaun King 2 25
Trent Dilfer 1 22
Chris Simms 3 22
David Greene 3 20
Joe Hamilton 7 18

Do with this information what you will. What seems clear to me is that Ruskell does not weight the Wonderlic score all that much, at least not for QBs. Like anything else in the draft, the Wonderlic score, 40 yard dash, arm length, etc., will rarely change anything unless they are dramatically off from expected. They are pieces of data and not stories in and of themselves.

Fun side note: Seahawk Addicts hero Brandon Mebane scored a 10 and Baraka Atkins got an 11. END