Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hawks Get Redding and a Fifth

by: Michael Steffes

According to Alex Marvez and as noted by Clare Farnsworth, the Hawks have shipped Julian Peterson to the Lions for Cory Redding and the Lions' fifth round pick. Redding has also redone his deal to accommodate the Hawks. More will be revealed on that I am sure.

Personally I really like this deal. The Hawks were obviously not interested in BJ Raji at #4. Now they really have a deep and dynamic DT rotation. Also, they have recouped the fifth they traded for Keary Colbert. Finally, they have reduced the money that they owe to the linebacking unit. This is reportedly a deep LB class, and the Hawks have had success finding linebackers with mid-round picks. Also, clearly, getting Leroy Hill locked up long term now becomes a bigger priority.

I am in a class, but more from the other guys as things shake out. END