Monday, March 16, 2009

Mockery from Motown?

by: Mike Parker

The Detroit Free Press is giving credit to the Lions for the Peterson-Redding trade, saying Seattle lost more than they gained in the deal.

Free Press writer Mike Brudenell had this to say in response to Tim Ruskell's quote endorsing Cory Redding:

Best of luck there, Tim. Guess Cory spent some time on the phone with you. He convinced Matt Millen, too.
I think the Lions have grown so crazy with self-deprecating humor that they were just waiting with bated breath to laugh at someone else for a change. And who can blame them? I'd be quicker to say Cory Redding stopped performing as well in Detroit because the team had the managerial skills of a blind moose and had a defense that seemed to be out of position 90% of the time last year. (Seriously, did anyone see any Lions games at all this season? If it weren't for Calvin Johnson, the 2008 Huskies could've given the Lions a run for their money.)

In essence -- and because I haven't had time to chime in on this yet -- I think both teams got what they needed in this trade, so there really aren't any winners or losers here. Redding will provide some needed assistance to Mebane for plugging up the run, as his size and versatility will likely be a valued resource here. Detroit, meanwhile, gets a pass rush. Need I say more? (Sorry, Chuck Darby.)

There's already been quite a bit of discussion about the trade in the past few days, so I'll leave that dead horse alone now. In short, with the combined improvements in coaching staff and roster alike, I think the Hawks' run defense could easily be in the top 10 in the 2009 season. -END-