Monday, March 16, 2009

Redding's Role

By Chris Sullivan

The Seahawks started their offseason workouts today, and newly inked Hawk Cory Redding was among the participants. Redding gave some insight to Clare Farnsworth on his role on the team:

Redding said the initial plan is to have him play end on first and second downs and then slide inside to tackle on passing downs. He played end and tackle with the Lions, starting his career at end and then moving tackle midway through the 2006 season when injuries claimed three tackles. It was in '06, when he was playing the three-technique tackle spot, that he posted a career-best eight sacks.
So it sounds like LoJack and Tapp are being given the slip to a degree, but that Colin Cole will indeed play the role he was promised. Last year I postulated our excellent pass rush on passing downs would consist of Peterson, Lojack, Bernard, and Kerney. How'd that work out for us? Heh. Well, how about Tapp/Lojack, Redding, Mebane, and Kerney? That gives us the size and speed we'll need to be disruptive on a pass, and get out of town on running plays. That's 1,214 pounds of d-line, or an average of 303.5 lbs, 12.5 lbs heavier than last year (Tapp, Bernard, Mebane, Kerney/Jackson). It's nice to see the defensive line get bigger while, potentially, also getting better. Tapp, Kerney and LoJack all weigh in at about 270 -- Redding was 297 as of this morning. ~END~