Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hawk Visits / Scouting

by: Chris "Beanie" Sullivan

Ohio State running back Chris Wells will be headed to Seattle in the coming weeks for a meeting with team officials. No shock there, really. Wells is considered by some to be the top running back in the draft, and he has bolstered that claim with 40 yard dash times in the 4.35-4.45 second area. I can't imagine the Hawks using a #4 pick on Wells, but it is good to see us checking up with these guys. 

Kansas State QB Josh Freeman will also be visiting Seattle in the coming days. Projected as a mid-first rounder, Freeman is touted by some as the QB with the most upside and by others as the clearest bust in the draft. He's got excellent size and a great arm, but mediocre feet and poor decision making. The bottom line is, he lost quite frequently and did so facing iffy competition. Both Freeman and Wells are indicative that the Hawks might be looking to trade down, but of course, they'd be derelict in their duty to ignore the top guys so these visits probably doesn't mean much.

The Hawks were also present for Brandon Gibson's workout at Chief Sealth H.S. Running in the rain and wind, Gibson pulled off times in the 4.6 second area, much slower than the 4.4 he expected to run. Coming off a hamstring injury, that isn't too surprising. Still, Gibson ran very precise routes and looked good according to Eric Williams. Seahawks third-string QB Jeff Rowe threw to Gibson.