Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seahawks Poised for Big Turnaround

by: Michael Stefes

At least according to former Seahawk scout turned SI.Com writer Bucky Brooks. In this article, he makes the case that the Seahawks have made the type of moves that will propel them back to the "NFL elite."

To make his case, he cites Gregg Knapp having an ideal roster in place to run his preferred system. Of course, part of this is having a healthy Matt Hasselbeck. With John Carlson, the addition of Housh, and the return of Burleson and Branch, Brooks believes the pieces are in place to have a "dominant aerial attack."

As for the ground attack, Brooks thinks the move to Knapp's zone based attack will benefit Jones and Duckett more than expected. I will wait to see on that one, considering the team used zone blocking last year for the most part. However, Knapp adds an experienced practitioner to go along with Mike Solari.

Anyway, these type of articles, in the grand scheme of things, mean very little. It will be hard to get a good read on the team until they are on the field. That said, it is nice to see that the optimism is being shared beyond the die hard Seahawks fans. Here is to 09'. END