Saturday, March 14, 2009

Redding's scouting report

by: Chris Sullivan

From the always excellent Scouts:

A five-year veteran with good size and athleticism, Redding has been extremely durable for an interior defensive lineman and has been consistent as a run-stopper. He played hard with toughness and intensity last season despite the fact that his sack total dwindled from eight in 2006 to just one a year ago. Redding utilizes great quickness, foot agility and balance to penetrate gaps and disrupt plays in the backfield. He drew many more double teams last season and was eliminated from plays, but that also allowed the linebackers behind him to stay clean and run to the ball. He has quick hands and is adept at slipping blocks, separating and getting to the pile. Redding is an instinctive player who understands leverage and reacts well to blocking schemes, feels pad pressure well and does a nice job pressing back and restricting running lanes. He will have to anchor the inside alone after the departure of fellow big body Shaun Rogers, but Redding is a good football player and a new offensive emphasis on ball control should help him and the rest of the defense.

They have him rated as the 8th best DT in the league.