Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Moment of Truth for Matty Staff?

By Chris Sullivan

The Detroit Lions will be auditioning Matt Stafford in a private workout today. Scott Linehan and QB Coach Jeff Horton will be running the workout. This serves as basically the last chance that Stafford will get to push himself into the number one overall spot and the money that is included therein. They are likely to run him through the ringer, a stark contrast from the scripted pro-day he supposedly wowed scouts at a few weeks back.

In a way, how Stafford performs for the Lions could impact the Seahawks as much if not more than the Lions, who may already know which direction they are heavily leaning. If Stafford does not do enough to lock up the top spot (palindrome!), it's a definite possibility that he will fall to the Seahawks at #4. When the Hawks bring him in for their workout in the coming days/weeks, he could well be flirting with going in the top five vs. dropping like a Quinn-shaped Leinart. Only time will tell, I suppose.