Friday, March 13, 2009

The Church Van Speaks

by: Chris Sullivan

In an interview last night with Ian Furness, Leonard Weaver talked about his future with the team and in the NFL. Weaver seems to want to stay with the Seahawks, but they appear to be far off in their valuation of his talent from what Weaver is willing to take. Weaver said that the Hawks have made an offer but it wasn't "what he was expecting," and that other teams are definitely in the mix. We reported last week that the Eagles appear to be the favorite, but no visit has been reported yet.

I know a lot of the Addicts are hoping to resign him, but I think Ruskell has done a fairly good job of gauging talent. Many people have gotten irritated because we let Hackett go, or when Koutouvides left, or when D-Jack only got us a fourth round pick (which was used to take Mansfield Wrotto, who started twice as many games in 2008 as D-Jack, for what it's worth). The only significant error in player valuation seems to have been Hutchinson receiving the Transition Tag (though, people forget that Hutch chose to leave by signing a poison-pilled offer sheet that we could not possibly match). I think Ruskell has done a good job in Free Agency (though his first round draft picks can be debated) for the most part, though of course there is a trend toward players he knows which may be said to be a weakness -- no one complained about Kerney in 2007, but with the injury in 2008 we didn't like the old-guy signing too much.

I think realistically the value that a dynamic player like Weaver can bring to the NFL is high, but only if a system is willing and able to use him. He had flashes of brilliance in 2008, and he has evolved as a much better blocker since taking over for Mack Strong -- remember, he barely made the team in 2007. Weaver is still young and developing as a fullback. He has exceptional hands in the short passing game and can be used as a hybrid fullback/halfback/tight end. He never really was used that way in Holmgren's offense, and it seems even less likely to happen in Seattle with Knapp. I initially supported us keeping Weaver at all costs, but the more I reflect on it, the more I think it would be better for us to not tie much up in that position and better for Weaver to head on to greener pastures where his skills can be used to a higher level.

Your turn . . . go! ~END~