Monday, March 23, 2009

Weaver: In 2008 the Team "Kind of Got Divided"

by: Chris Sullivan

In a video interview on the Eagles' website, Leonard Weaver made himself the first player to openly discuss the 2008 Seahawks in relation to the coaching change. Weaver states in the video that there was a division that took place, with some players going to Holmgren and becoming his "guys," and others looking to Mora for leadership. Weaver criticizes the team for allowing the situation to occur ("I think when you make a move like that, that's not the best move for the team."). This is something that a lot of people have voiced over the last year, that naming the successor while Holmgren had announced that it was his final year was a mistake, and really, announcing it was his final year was probably a mistake. This is not a pretty situation, and a lot of people (myself included) largely discounted the idea that there would be internal division because of it. However, it was clear by the fourth or fifth week that people were looking beyond the year, the coaches were covering their butts rather than listening to their head coach, and players were likely being affected by that.

Anyway, I thought this was interesting. The video is here. Thanks to Danny O'Neil at the Seattle Times for the tip. ~END~