Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Seattle Gets Extra Minicamp

by: William P. Tomisser

The Seattle Seahawks will have an opportunity to host an extra minicamp this season because they have a new head coach according to Clare Farnsworth of the Seattle P-I. The team will get together Monday to start their offseason conditioning program under Mora.

The team's offseason conditioning program begins Monday, when many players will get their first taste of what life in the Mora era will be like.

The team also gets an extra offseason minicamp because it has a new coach. The session is being called a veteran camp and scheduled for April 7-9. Mora said there will be one practice a day, and the emphasis of the camp is basically to initiate the veterans into the new offensive and defensive systems so they can take on a leadership role at the post-draft minicamp May 1-3.

If nothing else, I expect the Seahawks to be in shape this season if everything I've heard about Mora and his conditioning routine are true.

So mark your calenders fellow Addicts. In just under 4 weeks, the Seahawks will get together for the first time under new head coach Jim Mora and begin the task of acclimating to Knapp's offense and the newly tailored defense that Mora and company have designed to take advantage of Seattle's defensive talent pool.

I'm loving this. We don't even have to wait until after the draft this year to begin getting minicamp analysis of our new free agents and start to get some idea of what the team will be running in 2009. I'm ready for my first taste. How about the rest of you?


Bill T