Friday, March 6, 2009

Storm clouds on the horizon for the NFL?

by: Strategerie

While we anxiously await the free agent signings and the draft, something major is happening in team front offices and at the NFL these days.


Fifteen percent of staff at the NFL, NFL Films and the NFL Network -- 169 people -- have been laid off. Roger Goodell has taken a 25% decrease in salary (for those who might be interested, he made $11 million a year prior to this decision,) and other belt-tightening measures are being looked at. Even more interesting has been the quiet reporting of multiple layoffs in team front offices around the country.

The NFL insists that they will not know the effect of the current economic downturn until season ticket renewals are underway. Many teams have already made the decision to freeze their ticket prices as a response.

This brings to mind two questions. Bear in mind, some of this is hypothetical, but it’s hard to believe we may not be debating these issues before the end of the season.

1. Who will fold, due to a combination of crippling payroll expense, fewer butts in
the seats, and a huge drop in auto industry sponsorship?

2. How will this affect the upcoming CBA discussions?

I’ll be interested to read your thoughts on the matter.