Monday, March 23, 2009

Seahawks Eating With Sanchez

by: Michael Steffes

And, no, I don't mean meeting with Sanchez. Although, to be exact, the team will be meeting with, and eating with Mark Sanchez on the 31st. Ed Thompson of reports that the Hawks and Sanchez have a dinner meeting scheduled for that evening. This is consistent with Tim Ruskell's statement that the team is "in the zone" where they are looking for a QB of the future.

The meeting will be taking place in Los Angeles I assume, because Sanchez's pro day is the next morning. Which coincidentally, SeahawkAddicts has a media pass for this year. Exciting stuff. Most likely Ruskell and Company will be equally as visible at USC's pro day as they were at UGA's. Too bad they aren't giving away secrets on who they want more. END