Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Frye, Willis to Visit Raiders Today

by: Mike Parker

Charlie Frye and Ray Willis are visiting the Dark Side today, as they are scheduled to meet with Raiders personnel regarding free agency talks.

One free agent I wouldn't want to lose is Willis. He's shown he has some below-the-radar ability, and played quite well in the Snow Bowl versus the Jets a few months ago. And with our first-round draft pick still going in any direction and Walter Jones not getting any younger, it makes keeping Willis even more important. Plus, there aren't a whole lot of quality offensive-line free agents hanging around out there.

As for Frye, my feeling is he ditches the Hawks to be the latest in a never-ending flood of mediocre quarterbacks signed by Al Davis. I'll give it until Week 3 next season when Davis finally morphs into a sea monster and screams "GET ME RICH GANNON" into a telephone after watching JaMarcus Russell's fourth pick of the day get run back for a touchdown. -Cut to an awkward pause in the broadcaster's booth with Rich Gannon looking completely confused and scared-

Or maybe Davis would just pull a Gary Oldman from "The Professional" and turn to some poor executive at halftime and say, "Get me everyone." And then the executive will say, "Who?!" To which Davis will respond: "EVEEEERRRYYYOOOONEE!!!!" Is there a place I can bet on this happening in Vegas? What am I saying, of course there is . . . -END-