Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hawks scheduling another visit...

By Chris Sullivan

The Seahawks are bringing in former Bucs Safety Jermaine Philips in for a visit. Philips might be just what the Doctor ordered for Seattle fans -- he's 6'2" (size, in OUR secondary? it's more likely than you think . . . ), he's got a propensity for forcing fumbles and getting an interception here and there, and he has been known to make a number of nice tackles. The Sporting News is reporting that the Hawks and Chargers are both bringing Phillips in, and the rumor has it that Cromartie may be cut or traded if the Bolts can snag him -- can you tell they like him? If the Hawks managed to get Phillips, they will be entering the Draft with pretty much no big question marks or immediate needs, with the DT, WR and S positions all shored up.