Sunday, March 1, 2009

Housh Hates Haters

by: Chris Sullivan

Mike Florio over at PFT discusses Houshmandzadeh's situation:
Receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh thought that money was going to be flowing into his bank account once free agency began. He likely viewed himself as one of those Friday press conference guys, smiling and laughing and holding up his jersey and talking about how he just wants to make a difference.But it’s Sunday, and T.J. hasn’t signed. Presumably, because he can’t get anyone to offer him the kind of cash he thought he’d be getting.
Housh told someone at that he was tired of being criticized by the "dummies" who think he is older and doesn't deserve top flight money.

I still think, as I said yesterday, that the Bengals and TJ won't part ways. There is no other team in the league that knows how to use Housh better or appreciates his skills better than the Bengals, and my guess is that the offers that have been rolling in indicate precisely that. Ruskell does not like to overpay for people, as he's shown time and time again, and that seems like a reasonable way to go. If the Hawks are going to pay someone with a larger contract than they might actually deserve, it will be for a big need position. For example, I could see the team giving Chris Canty a slightly larger than deserved contract as he is a big prize that could alter the team significantly. Houshmandzadeh? Maybe not so much. ~END~