Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mora and Ruskell Chime In on KJR

by: William P. Tomisser

After our two new players talked on KJR yesterday, Mora and Ruskell also gave short interviews and brought up some great points. Here's links to those two interviews and a few comments from listening to them.

First of all, Ian Furness interviewed Mora and got his take on the new players. Mora also talked about recruiting for the Seahawks. He said with players like T.J. it's not all about the money but also about fit and being where he can win and be productive. He said you have to show them a little bit and recruit them a little bit. He says that he enjoys doing that but that he never recruits under false pretenses.

He gave credit to Matt, Nate, Russell, and Trufant who all helped recruit both players and Mora pointed out that they weren't threatened by having a high profile player coming in.

He described T.J. as physical and fast. He said he combines size and speed with a very physical nature. He noted that the league has become bigger at wide receiver and smaller at defensive back. He said that T.J. works well inside, especially on 3rd down. He noted that sometimes defensive coordinators have to commit two guys to him and he still gets open and make catches and that he creates separation with his physicality. He also opens up things outside for the other receivers.

Mora said "the more weapons you have, the bigger you can make the field for a defensive coordinator and the better you'll be on offense".

Speaking about Colin Cole, Mora said he was a big physical presence with very wide shoulders. He said on film he looks like a dominating run defender who gives you some pass rush. Mora also went out of his way to point out how Colin and T.J. both had committed to the community and said that when he was interviewing Cole, he said that he would come and be a member of our community which is something you don't see very often from football players up front like that. Mora seemed to appreciate the sentiment.

Ian then went on to interview Tim Ruskell. Ruskell said the whole scenario of flying prospects in on Allen's float plane and landing on Lake Washington at the new VMAC practice facility was very impressive and helped sell both players on coming to Seattle.

He also then pointed out how both players had bought into the team and community wholeheartedly, which is another advantage of having a character policy. Players vested in the team and community will play harder and give everything they've got without reservation and you can't ask more of anyone.

Ruskell also said that the Seahawks put an inordinate amount of time into the people they hire, and the way those people treat potential recruits coming in to the facility helps sway them towards wanting to work here. They can see that the feelings are genuine and that the camaraderie is genuine and they want to be a part of it.

I gotta tell you guys, Ruskell is still my kind of GM and if we're pretty much done with free agency for this season as Clayton suggests, I give him an "A" on free agency. Your mileage may vary, but I would give a listen to Mora and Ruskell as they cap off the big signings in free agency for 2009.


Bill T