Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quick Housh Presser Wrap-Up

by: Mike Parker

TJ Houshmandzadeh (I think I finally have the hang of typing that out now) was introduced at the VMC in Renton earlier today in a press conference, and Mike Sando has a good account of what took place.

Housh said he and his family felt very comfortable in Seattle with Coach Mora, and that there were a lot of factors that came to the forefront when making his decision.

Coach Mora said the signing of Housh does not jeopardize the futures of Nate Burleson or Deion Branch. In fact, the pair of receivers said they're thrilled about having Housh with the team. Interesting how Bobby Engram wasn't mentioned, but to me that only further cements that Engram could be a Chief within the week. (Or, at least, not a Hawk.)

Here's a brief video clip of today's presser:

Edit: Tim Ruskell also confirmed Housh's MRI was just a standard move that came with the high-profile receiver's price tag. Housh declared himself "injury-free" today.