Monday, March 2, 2009

Weaver Cancels Trip to New Orleans

by: Chris Sullivan

Jim Thomas of the St Louis Observer notes that at the last minute, Leonard Weaver has canceled his trip to New Orleans. It appears that Weaver was told that he would not be the starting fullback, and that perhaps would not step into the Deuce McAllister role that he might have coveted with Pierre Thomas on the rise.

The Rams are looking for a fullback to complement Stephen "Remember When I Struck Fear In Your Hearts?" Jackson, but Thomas hears mixed things from the Rams. He also hears from league observers that, well:
There are some at Rams Park who really like Weaver, and what he can do as both a lead blocker and occasional ball carrier/pass catcher. Others in the building prefer a “classic” fullback who’s a leader blocker only. Weaver has yet to make any trips and some league observers feel he could eventually end up re-signing with the Seahawks.
Weaver and Willis are the fans priorities at this point in time it would seem, with Willis clearly poised to step into a more important role in the Seahawks organization and Weaver already in one. This can't be bad news for the Seahawks, assuming you're interested in seeing Weaver in Hawk Blue and Green for years to come. ~END~